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Ayelet Ruppin-Pham

Ayelet Ruppin-Pham

Subspecialty: Occupational and Environmental Health

Ayelet (pronounced I Yell it) moved from Southern California to Seattle to enroll in the UW Master’s Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN). She earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Ethnic Studies from the University of California, San Diego and, after working in community clinics for a couple years, knew she wanted to be a Community Health Nurse in order to a) work towards social justice and b) avoid the hospital.

Ayelet received her MN in Spring, 2009. She currently is a Patient Education Cooridantor at the UC San Diego Health System. She coordinates all patient education resources for patients in their health system, focusing mainly on inpatient education. She edits written material for health literacy and encourages use of other methods of education. She teaches nurses how to properly use Teach Back for optimal assessment of patient learning. She reviews current best practices for patient education and tries to get them adopted in the health system. She is involved in multiple programs and research projects where there may be a patient education component, including current initiatives to reduce readmissions.