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Elizabeth Rambus

Elizabeth Rambus

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural and Global Health

Liz grew up as a second generation Greek-American just outside of Detroit, MI. Being an adventurer, instead of finishing college Liz headed up to Alaska to work in the woods for a few months. That original short-term plan ended-up to be 18 years worth of adventures in Alaska including raising 3 children and climbing many mountains (figuratively and literally).

Liz worked for many years teaching independent living skills to people with disabilities, as a paraprofessional for high school students with learning disabilities and negotiating the endless challenges of raising teenagers mostly as a single parent. As her children grew, her concern for the environment led her to a degree in environmental technology which she worked in for a relatively short time until her financial and family responsibilities caused another change in direction for her. She had become a fisherman with a small freezer/processing troll salmon boat that she ran with her partner and occasionally her children. Some of the challenges of that work emotionally (watching life expire many times a day), physically (extreme hours, lifting fish larger that herself, fighting sea sickness and weather) and the social isolation (long periods of no phone contact or news) eventually led her to reassess her career choices. Putting together all the things she learned along the way, what she loved to do and what made her good at her past occupations and as a parent, plus the desire to maintain adventure and secure income all led her to nursing.

Liz received her BSN at the UW in June, 2009. Nursing school helped her narrow down community as her area of greatest interest. This decision has led her to a broader view of her possibilities in the world of doing the most good for the most people as a nurse. She completed her DNP in Spring, 2012.