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Jason Madrano

Jason Madrano

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural and Global Health

Jason was born and raised in the greater Seattle area. He earned my BS in Psychology from Seattle University in 2001, and promptly began working at a motorcycle shop. After several years of putting his degree to good use, the inevitable happened; he wrecked on his bike. Three dozen surgeries, two months in the hospital, and another month in a nursing home is all it took for him to realize he should consider a different career path. He took a job as a mental health specialist in an involuntary, inpatient psychiatric hospital. His experiences there were incomparable. It opened his eyes. He was constantly confronted by the inequities and disparities in health care. He decided to dedicate his life to the service of others.

He came to the University of Washington to pursue a future in nursing, with a focus on cross-cultural and global health. He graduated from the Graduate-Entry in Nursing (GEPN) program with his BSN in Spring 2009 and received his DNP in Spring, 2012. Upon his graduation, he accepted a fellowship with the Afya Bora Consortium for a year in Africa to strengthen his training in global health leadership.

Jason is currently an Implementation Specialist and Senior Computer Specialist at the International Training Center for Health (I-TECH). His responsibilities include: Writing policies for national and international health information systems, collaborating with foreign country officers to address regional and local needs, developing monitoring and evaluation plans, implementing health information systems in resource-limited settings, and managing a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines. He will also begin a new position as Senior Program Evaluator for the Medically-Underserved Inter-Professional Collaborative Practice (MUIP) project, a HRSA-grant funded project at Providence Everett Healthcare Clinic, under the Principal Investigator, Dr. Lyn Bond, at the UW SON.