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Michelle Hufstetler

Michelle Hufstetler

Subspecialty: Community of Youth

Michelle grew up in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.She had the privilege of spending 4 years in Hawaii where she received her BSN at Hawaii Pacific University in 2001. This was a most awesome and profound experience and had a tremendous impact on the shaping of her life and who she is today. She was on an Air Force AFROTC scholarship throughout nursing school. She has had the opportunity to work primarily with pediatrics (inpatient, ICU, clinic) throughout her military career with a couple deployments where she had the honor of caring for our Wounded Warriors. The military has provided her with amazing experiences that have developed her knowledge and skills not only as a nurse but as a leader and a manager. Again, with the military's support, she attended MN-CHN program and completed her degree in Spring, 2013.

Michelle was promoted to the rank of Major in the United States Air Force, effective February 1, 2013. Upon her graduation, she will work as a Health Care Integrator for the Air Force, in which she will be utilizing the knowledge gained from the CHN program to ensure optimal healthcare delivery for our nation's Airmen and to promote a healthy military population and community.