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Tamara Cyhan

Tamara Cyhan

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural

Tamara is an Education Specialist at Virginia Mason Medical Center. She coordinates the 12 week RN residency program for new graduate nurses who have taken positions in telemetry, IMC or CCU. Tamara lived in France for a year and worked at the French Red Cross in the intake area/hygiene station, doing community health in French. A first generation Ukrainian-American, she cherishes her cultural traditions and speaks Ukrainian and Russian. She hopes to use those languages for health promotion and health care delivery and her training in cross-cultural community health nursing to enhance culturally competent nursing care.

Tamara moved out to the Pacific Northwest from Washington, DC to attend the UW. She practiced most types of bedside nursing as well as some research and international work. Tamara's interests include preventative health care for communities, women's health (specifically immigrants and refugees), international health and nursing education both in the US and abroad, into rewarding professional endeavors.