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Bria Chakofsky-Lewy

Bria Chakofsky-Lewy

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural

Bria is a Jewish baby boomer born in Brooklyn, New York at the end of 1947. The time of her arrival positioned her well to experience the civil rights movement, the anti (Vietnam) war movement, the women’s movement and to become very interested in improving the health care system in this country. She worked, and loved, inpatient adult and pediatric rehab for seven years before heading out of the hospital. Her big break came when in 1987, armed with great passion and no managerial experience, she was hired to manage the International District Community Health Center in Chinatown. Immigrants and refugees have been the focus of her career since then.

She is a RN3 Assistant Nurse Manager at Harborview. She and  has been at Harborview since 1993. Specifically she supervises interpreters, including a subset of patient navigator/cultural mediators. She sits on the leadership team of the Interpreter Services Department. She is responsible for a community advisory board and work with the communities represented by the cultural mediators. She does cultural consultation and cultural competency education. She also directs the Dareyl Project, a weekly yoga and health program for Somali women at Harborview, which grew out of her master’s scholarly project. 

She received her MN in Summer 2011.