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Karen Dee Basra

Karen Dee Basra

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural and Global Health

Karen is from Oak Lawn, IL, a southwest suburb of Chicago, and she has lived in IL all her life. She has been interested in community health since nursing school at University of Illinois, but started out as a bedside nurse on a med/tele nurse due to the advice of those around her. As it turned out, she loved it, and it inadvertently gave her insight into the needs of the central Illinois community in which she worked. She was frustrated with some of the social issues her patients had to deal with, such as lack of insurance and hence access to care, and lack of education leading to poor health choices. As a volunteer in a free clinic, she saw a lot of the same issues arise. She thinks as nurses we can make a difference in a lot of ways, and her path to hopefully making that difference led her back to school to study community health nursing.

She is particularly interested in cross-cultural and global health, and studying how sociological factors affect health practices and outcomes, particularly with respect to infectious diseases. She spent some time in Kenya after graduating nursing school, and this, along with several other experiences in both her personal and professional life, have led her to have an intense interest in cross-cultural relationship building and what it means to explore health in the context of communities. She am particularly interested in working with underserved populations.

Karen received her DNP in Spring, 2012. She is currently pursuing post-DNP certifiate in Family Nurse Practitioners at Seattle University to add other skill sets to her CHN skill sets.