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Siobhan Abraham

Siobhan Abraham

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural and Global Health

Siobhan (pronounced "Chevon") was born in Belfast Northern Ireland and came here with her family at age 12. Even though Ireland and the US share a common language it was still a difficult adjustment. She is full of respect for the people that come to this country as immigrants.

After receiving an ADN in Frederick Maryland and then a BSN at Texas Women's University in Dallas, Siobhan worked a variety of hospital specialties (pediatrics, obstetrics, and now the emergency room). For several years she worked travel contracts and traveled all over the US. Siobhan’s interests range from health care disparities and health care policy to infectious diseases and global health.

Siobhan received her MN in Spring, 2011. She is currently a reseach nurse at the Maternal Fetal Medicine, Standford University.