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Academic Services
Health Sciences Building, Room T-301
University of Washington School of Nursing
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GNM Enrollment in School of Nursing Courses

By approval of the School of Nursing Executive Team and due to the following considerations, GNM students may not enroll in courses with a prefix of NCLIN.

  1. NCLIN courses consume considerable resources, including:
    • Time and effort to assure students are compliant with University and School requirements, including but not limited to:
      • HIPAA training (account required)
      • Immunizations (fee required)
      • OSHA Hazards Management training
      • CPR training
      • an active, unrestricted WA state RN License
    • Time and effort to assure students are compliant with site requirements
    • Establishment and maintenance of Affiliation Agreements with sites
    • Database management to track and coordinate placements
    • Maintenance of relationships with sites/preceptors, including single School of Nursing point-of-contact
    • Time and effort to schedule and prepare for instruction of students in the Center for Excellence in Nursing Education
  2. Prevalence of non-sequential enrollment prevents completion of compliance requirements and completion of a clinical rotation in the same quarter.
  3. Limited space at sites demands that the School prioritize matriculated students for those spaces.

Created September 2009; revised August 30, 2013
Academic Services Memo No. 42