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TEDL Delivery Methods

Course Websites: Serving as course home and meeting points for students, course websites include links to syllabi, readings/electronic reserves, instructional content, as well as meeting and discussion "rooms."

Video Stream: Videotaped lectures are available for viewing via your computer. Accessed through course web site pages, the video-streamed lecture can be viewed at your convenience within 24-48 hours following the live lecture.

Video Conference: Join classes live from rural and remote locations via video conferencing (VC). We have two state-of-the-art VC classrooms available for transmission of classes. Students at remote sites can interact with course instructors and classmates in real time.

Web Conference: Web conferencing technology allows you to electronically "sit-in" on a live lecture via your computer and web browser. While viewing/listening to a class session, you can interact with the instructor in real time via chat rooms, audio, or video.

If you have questions about distance learning options, contact the specialty you are interested in applying to.