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Caring for Remarkable Heroes

Priscilla Taylor Blurb

Priscilla “Patti” Taylor, MN, CNS, FNP, lecturer, UCLA School of Nursing, Los Angeles and Alumna of the University of Washington School of Nursing received the 2010 Community Service Nurseweek Nursing Excellence Award.

Since March 2007, through Operation Mend, Taylor has been a case manager to wounded soldiers. The person who nominated her says soldiers and their families are her passion. She meets soldiers and their families upon arrival to Los Angeles and is their ambassador for the entire surgical experience. She is at their bedside in the recovery room as they awaken in order to decrease their anxiety postoperatively.

The award, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, honors the nurses who exemplify how personal caring and professional care can bring the art and science of nursing together. Patti was featured in the November 8, 2010 print and online edition of Nurseweek.