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Book by former Faculty member details a nurse’s adventures in 1926 China

Harriet Holbrook Smith, alumna and former faculty member at the UW School of Nursing, had adventures in revolutionary China that are only now coming to light. Her great niece and husband, Carolyn and Dennis Buckmaster, recently compiled her letters from her time in 1926 China in a new book titled Healing Romance & Revolution.

Healing, Romance and RevolutionHealing, Romance and RevolutionOn June 13, the Buckmasters will make a special presentation at the University of Washington Bookstore at 7pm, featuring photos and letters from Smith’s time in China.

Learn more about the event here.

“…there were a few shots fired at us, none of which came nearer than 1/2 mile, according to the Captain. The Chinese were hurrying through the streets, bag and baggage, by foot and by rickshaw, taking their families and possessions to safety in the foreign concessions.”

Healing Romance & Revolution is a compilation of letters Miss Smith wrote in 1926 while she worked as a nurse in Changsha as China’s Nationalist Party (the Kuomintang) gained power by force. “They are bound to get this hospital under their control—the Kuomintang that is … And, then, what for us? First we were all afraid we’d be sent home and now we are all afraid we won’t.”