2009 - 2010 Scholars


2009-2010 Scholars

Pictured are de Tornyay Center Healthy Aging Scholars with Barbara Cochrane at the 2010 Scholars Presentations and Reception event.

The list  of students, their research topics, and brief PowerPoint slides are available below.

ProgramStudentTopicFaculty Mentor

Germaine Krysan Undergraduate Scholarship

Ann LinThe Experience of Homeless Older Adults with Age Related Sensory ChangesBarbara Cochrane

Myrene C. McAninch 
Master's Scholarship

Betty VanderzeeA Summary of Focus Group Study Results For and About Caregivers of Chinese Elderly in the U.S.Jenny Hsin-Chun Tsai

Healthy Aging 
Doctoral Scholarship

Chao-Yin LiExercising for Health in Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease: An Analysis of Semi-Structured Interviews Barbara Cochrane and Rebecca Logsdon