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2004-2005 Scholars









Pictured are de Tornyay Center Healthy Aging Scholars at our May 2005 Scholars Presentations & Reception.

Below is a list of our scholarship recipients for the 2004-2005 academic year and their research topics.  By clicking on the students' research topics, you will be linked to their brief Powerpoint slides that were presented at our Healthy Aging Scholars Presentations and Reception.

Program Student Topic Faculty Mentor
Deborah Eraker Assessing undergraduate nursing students' knowledge of elder mistreatment Maggie Baker
  Alia M. Fink HIV risk factors for older adults Barbara Burns McGrath
  Jenny Forbes Tai Chi and older adults: evaluation of the evidence and rigor of the research Basia Belza
  Teresa Gegax Understanding sleep quality in older adults Carol Landis
  Ashley Hapak Chemotherapy within the geriatric population: the importance of treating an individual Vicky Hertig
  Julie Hendricks American Indian elder health: a literature review and community involvement Doris Boutain
  Karla Meucci Issues of medication adherence in persons with Alzheimer's disease Maggie Baker
  Erin Stoy The benefits of Pranayama on lung function in the aging adult Cathryn Booth-LaForce
  Annelisa Tornberg Intergenerational programs and their impact on the health and well-being of communities, children, and older adults Rebecca Kang
  Cindy Wong The impact of family support on the well-being of older adults living in nursing homes Mary Ersek
Michelle Beninato Intergenerational programs: family and friends' perspective Debbie Ward
  Lica Iwasaki As simple as being thirsty: a complex problem of hydration among the elderly in an assisted living facility Debbie Ward
  Mary Wilcox The Health Enhancement Program (HEP): element utilization Basia Belza
Anna Zisberg Influence of routine on functional status in elderly: development and validation of an instrument to measure routine Heather Young
Viet Nguyen The effectiveness of prevention and treatments for pneumonia in the nursing home population Basia Belza
Maia Syfers Motivators and barriers to diabetes self management with home use of an automated blood pressure cuff Susanna Cunningham


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