Meet Our Pre-Docs

Christina Coulter

Christina graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2001 and a subsequent BA in Gerontology. After graduation, she spent 7 years working in a variety of areas with older adults; including adult protective services, community care management, mental health, elder law, and private home-care management.  She received her BSN in 2009 and her Master’s of Nursing in 2011 from the University of Washington.  This included completion of an independent research project evaluating the perceptions of direct care workers working with residents with dementia in Assisted Living.  During her Master’s program she worked as a Research Assistant with the Northwest Research Group on Aging and further developed her interest in research.  

Christina is currently working towards her PhD at the University of Washington.  She is interested in evaluating strategies to improve the care of patients with dementia and their caregivers; specifically integration of non-pharmacological interventions into management strategies.  Additional areas of interest include preventative care for both patients and caregivers, impact of specialist care, pharmacologic interventions, and co-occurring disease impacts.  Christina maintains an active practice as an ARNP in internal medicine; she feels this helps to inform her research and in turn hopes her research will improve practice with older adults and their families.

Megan Morrison

Megan Morrison graduated from Marymount University and began her nursing career in critical care. She went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she became a Family Nurse Practitioner. Megan Currently works as a palliative care nurse practitioner at a local hospital. She began the Ph.D. program in 2011. Her clinical and research focus is on palliative care. She has a special interest in symptom management, communication with families and patients facing life-threatening diagnoses, and cost-effectiveness.

Megan enjoys being with her three sons, sports, playing outside, playing inside, eating great food, traveling, kindness, and learning. She is deeply grateful to the patients and families who have inspired her to discover new and better ways to care for those facing life-threatening diagnoses.

Linda Sharee Squires

I am a neonatal nurse and have worked at the bedside for 12 years.  Clinical problem solving and decision making are a part of my daily routine while at the bedside and I am dedicated to constantly re-evaluating the most current evidence based research in order to practice by the gold standard set forth by current proven data. I am a strong believer and advocate that all clinical practice should be based on current research, and furthermore that research should be re-evaluated to maintain the highest quality of patient care and outcomes.  Nursing science is an exciting field that is still in its infancy. I hope that I can be one of the future leaders in nursing research and science, to develop and test theories, and generate evidence to support healthcare policies that promote safe quality nursing care. I want to be an active contributor to the improvement of our healthcare system by becoming a nurse researcher and by being an active advocate for healthcare policies. Overall, my dedication as an avid learner seeking to grow personally and professionally, will only push me to share the knowledge obtained through my research with the nursing community to ensure safe and quality patient care with better healthcare outcomes.

Annette Thomas

I received my BSN in Nursing from Kent State University after I completed my Master’s Degree in Biology with a concentration in molecular biology.  Prior to nursing, I was a medical technologist and worked in hospital labs.  I started working at Harborview Medical Center as a new grad telemetry nurse and then became a critical care nurse.  I have been a critical care nurse for 15 years and am currently a Stat Nurse at Harborview Medical Center.  I have always wanted to get my PhD in Nursing.  As a Stat Nurse at a Level 1 Trauma Center, I’ve seen many different kinds of stress.   I am interested in what gives people stress, what is their reaction to stress, and what interventions relieve stress.  I am currently researching Stress in Midlife Women who are going through the menopausal transition.  Outside of work, I like to walk, swim, watch movies, and knit.  And I love to travel.