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Endowed Professorships, Student Scholarships and Fellowships

Many of our students are working professionals with career and family obligations. They've returned to school to advance their skills and get the best nursing education available. Scholarships and fellowships relieve financial burden, allowing top students to access our programs and fully focus on what they're here for: becoming outstanding nurses, nurse researchers and future nursing faculty.

Endowed professorship funds enable the School of Nursing to attract and retain outstanding faculty members. An endowed professorship is a permanent fund established to support a faculty position. Gifts to endowments are invested to create a powerful resource that grows in perpetuity.

Fellowship Funds

  • Jeanne Quint Benoliel Graduate Fellowship Fund
  • Dorothy M. Crowley Memorial Fellowship
  • Janet and Daril Hahn Endowed Fellowship in Nursing
  • Katherine Hoffman Endowed Fellowship for Nursing Science
  • Florence A. Johnson Fellowship Endowment Fund
  • Betty and James McCurdy Endowed Fellowship in Nursing
  • Joanne B. Sevan Sharma Endowed Nursing Fellowship
  • Mary Durand Thomas Endowed Fellowship
  • Nancy and Jim Woods Endowed Fellowship in Nursing

Scholarship Funds

  • Aljoya Masters Research Scholarships
  • Aljoya Undergraduate Research Scholarships
  • Marci Robertson Angstrom Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Marian L. Bailey and Eleanor Welsh Endowed Fund
  • Ethan and Ruth Brines Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Joyce Carr Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Mary Elizabeth Wright Cartier Memorial Fund in Nursing
  • Peter S. and Rose M. Christie Endowed Fund
  • Joseph C. and Edith A. Cole Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Dorothy M. Crowley Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Charles and Marie Curtright Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging Graduate Research Scholarship
  • de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging Undergraduate Research Scholarships
  • Marian L. Bailey and Eleanor Welsh Endowed Fund
  • Sylvia Berg Drowley and Dempster D. Drowley Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Sylvia E. Eastham Fund
  • Foster/Rothschild Cancer Fund
  • The Donna M. Fraser Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Helene Fuld Health Trust Scholarship Fund for Baccalaureate Nursing Students
  • Glassybaby Nursing Scholarship
  • Goldsbury Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Ethel H. Goodwin Endowed Scholarship
  • Jane M. Greenwood Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Kristen M. Griffins Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Evelyn H. Hall Memorial Scholarship
  • Hegyvary Citizens World Fund
  • Robert and Rosalind Hutcheson Scholarship
  • Dorothy Ellis Langenbach Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Vivian O. Lee Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Palmer J. and Evelyn McCarter Family Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Constance Ann Mead Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Beverly Anderson Menoher Endowed Fund in Nursing
  • Lawrence A. and Ann L. Nieder Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Nursing Alumni Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Nursing Education Consolidated Scholarship
  • Nursing Graduate Education Enhancement Fund
  • Nursing Scholarship Fund (Frances I. Stulle Memorial Fund)
  • Myra Pascoe Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Patricia and Eugene Pepper Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Sandra Phillips and Denton Holmes Endowed Fund
  • Evelyn Shattuck Family Endowed Fund in Nursing
  • Jeanne Anne Sherrick Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Antonia M. Steele Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Gladys Nye Stevenson Endowed Fund
  • Lorraine Troop Endowed Scholarship in Nursing 
  • Doris G. Tyndell Endowed Fund in Nursing
  • Jacqueline Vandeman Endowed Fund
  • Marlene and Peter Wessel Term Scholarship
  • Florence Weymouth Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Lisa Luk Yau Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Robert L. and Catherine M. Zesbaugh Endowed Nursing Fund

Research and Teaching Funds

  • AMN Healthcare Endowed Fund in Nursing
  • de Tornyay Center on Healthy Aging Endowed Fund
  • Elizabeth Giblin Research Fund in Nursing
  • Maguerite E. McAlpin Research Training Endowment
  • Myrene C. McAninch Endowed Fund
  • Arlene E. Mitchell Memorial Research Fund
  • Suzanne E. Van Hooser Nursing Research Fund


  • The Aljoya Endowed Professorship in Aging
  • The Alumni Endowed Professorship in Nursing
  • The Kathryn Barnard Endowed Professorship in Infant Mental Health
  • The Virginia and Prentice Bloedel Endowed Professorship
  • The Ellery and Kirby Cramer Endowed Professorship in Nursing
  • The Harborview Medical Center Endowed Professorship in Critical Care
  • The Joanne Montgomery Endowed Professorship in Nursing
  • The Elizabeth Sterling Soule Endowed Chair in Nursing
  • The Charles and Gerda Spence Endowed Professorship in Nursing
  • The deTornyay Endowed Professorship in Healthy Aging
  • The Group Health Endowed Nursing Professorship in Chronic Illness Care
  • The University of Washington Medical Center Endowed Professorship in Nursing Leadership