MN Degree Requirements

The length of time required to complete the program varies between 4 and 7 quarters. The MN-CHN program begins Fall Quarter each year. Part-time study is available.

International Opportunities are available for students who are enrolled in the Master of Nursing program who wish to enhance their learning through health care immersion experiences in a society and/or culture very different from their own.

Goals of the Master of Nursing Program

  1. Evaluate the adequacy of underlying knowledge from nursing science, related fields, and professional foundations as it informs nursing practice.
  2. Competently assess, manage health-related issues with a defined population or care system, and evaluate the effectiveness of these nursing practices.
  3. Utilize knowledge and skills in professional practice among diverse and multicultural populations.
  4. Demonstrate competence in development of inquiry relevant to practice, education, or administration.
  5. Develop and utilize leadership strategies that foster improvement of health care.
  6. Articulate ethical issues and responsibilities involved in nursing practice.

Minimum School Requirements: Master of Nursing

Program Element


Nursing Science and Professional Foundations15
Clinical Practice6
Scholarly Inquiry

Scholarly Project: NMETH 520 (5 cr) plus 6 additional credits of scholarly inquiry courses as approved by supervisory committee. At least one of the 6 additional credits must be NMETH 598. 

Thesis: NMETH 520 (5 cr) plus 9 credits of NMETH 700.

Related Coursework6
Total Credits38 if scholarly project
41 if thesis

*Additional coursework may be required by your specialty. Check with your specialty for more information.