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Island Hospital Cancer Care Center

Island Hospital Cancer Care Center

Address: Medical Arts Pavilion, 1015 25th Avenue, Upper Level Anacortes, WA  98211


Phone: (360) 299-4200

Paperwork to Complete:

(1) The Safety Training Manual for you to review and (2) the Safety Training sign off sheet that you need to fill out and return to Shannon.

You will also need to send  via email a copy of your most recent immunization record and confirmation of the most recent TB test and flu shot to Shannon Longo. These can be provided to you by Hall Health or emailing

Please attend to these requirements IMMEDIATELY. Contact Shannon for questions as she will be in charge of your on-boarding process.

1.  Training Manual

2.  Sign off Sheet

Shannon J. Longo

HR Assistant

Island Hospital

1211-24th Street

Anacortes, WA 98221