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Graduate Clinical Requirements: Virginia Mason Medical Center


Minimum 4 weeks prior to your clinical rotation. Please note: Failure to meet this deadline may result in delays for you, affecting your clinical rotation start date.

Paperwork to Complete

Please email for the latest paperwork requirments.

Virginia Mason requires the clinical passport. Please work with Ky Pham, SoN compliance specialist so he can fill out the passport for you. You will need to get an immunization history and send it to Ky. You can obtain your immunization history by emailing

Contact the Site

Contact Kathryn Cheatheam for questions or to submit forms:

Kathryn Cheatheam
925 Seneca St.
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 341-0336
Fax: (206) 625-7279

Additional Site Requirements

  1. VMMC requires all students to receive the influenza vaccine. If you do not receive the flu vaccine, you will be denied access to the site until proof of vaccine is given or VMMC declares the end of the flu season. VMMC’s Employee Health Department will provide flu vaccine to eligible students at no charge. Contact Kathryn Cheatheam for questions regarding this policy.
  2. Complete web-based safety/compliance training through VMMC’s Healthstream Learning Center (HLC). VMMC will order an ID and password for you to complete the learning modules before you begin your clinical. Contact Kathryn Cheatheam if you have any questions.
  3. Please copy Chris Henshaw, Clinical Education Specialist & School of Nursing placement coordinator, on any future emails you send to Kathyrn.