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Graduate Clinical Requirements: University of Washington Medical Center

Deadline/Where to Return Paperwork

As soon as possible. Return paperwork to Lauren Cline at box 356153.

Required education due by April 11th.

Signed data agreement to be PDF to Lauren Cline by April 1st


 Paperwork to Complete

Required Education Spring 2014


  1. 2014 Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and  Advanced Directives


  1. 2014 CM: Blood Transfusion Safety


  1. 2014 Code Blue Team Response


Checklist for students:

  1. Complete the learning modules on LMS (16 total required, 5 optional)
  2. Bring the signed copy of the Data/Confidentiality agreement with you
  3. Bring a photo ID for Public Safety to obtain a UWMC photo ID

Additional Site Requirements

  1. You may NOT begin clinical until the start of the academic quarter.
  2. If you are rotating at any of the UWMC clinics, you will need EPIC training. Students should go through the Epic Training prior to showing up at the clinic.
  3. Employee Health does not use the ORCA system, thereofore, you will not need ORCA computer training
  4. Photo IDs: You many not obtain your UWMC photo ID until the start of the quarter. The Security Office/Public Safety is located in room BB 120. Take the BB elevators to the 1st level and follow signs to the office. You will need a current photo ID to process a UWMC photo ID.

  5. See Danny Chen or Elizabeth Doop in Public Safety to obtain a UWMC Photo ID after March 31st for a photo ID  206-598-4907.

    After your rotation is complete, send the photo ID badge to:
      Lauren Cline
      Box 356153

    E-mail Lauren if you have any questions:
  6. Contact your preceptor to determine if you need ORCA/EPIC training for your rotation. If you do not need the training, contact immediately to let her know you will not need the training. Otherwise, you are expected to go to the training session on the following dates/times: 


Summer Quarter computer training  Tuesday June 24th 

Room CC-408; CC 408 is a training room off the 4th Floor Pacific elevators

 Time: 800-120

Summer Quarter Outpatient/EPIC TBD. Please email your clinical placement coordinator for more information.


Additional Information

  • For every clinical, wear your School of Nursing photo ID badge, professional attire and/or a white labcoat.
  • Academic Services will request a computer account for you (either a new account or an account with student privileges if you are currently a UW Medicine employee). Call the IT Services Help Desk at 206-543-7012 to acquire your account password before the start of the quarter. 
  • Per the UW Medicine security policy, you cannot have your UW e-mail forwarded to an outside e-mail account. If you use the e-mail forwarding service, it will need to be deactivated for the duration of your clinical rotation. Uou are now considered a  UW Medicine workforce member until the end of your clinical rotation. Per the UW Medicine security policy, you are now required to use or email addresses and are not permitted to auto-forward your UW email to an outside e-mail account. If you are auto-forwarding email at this time, please disable this feature IMMEDIATELY (AS OF TODAY) at this website: To correct your email forwarding, please choose “Forward to UW Deskmail” then choose “OK.” If you require assistance setting your forwarding correctly, please contact UW MEDICINE IT service at 206-543-7012. You can also contact the UW-IT Service Center at 206-221-5000 or send an email to For reference, please see UW Medicine's Electronic Data Policy located at
  • If you are already an employee at UWMC, please follow these steps below:
  1. Sign the data/confidentiality agreement and turn it in to Lauren Cline at box 356153
  2. Obtain a photo ID as a student from public safety AFTER Lauren Cline Has confirmation that you have student ORCA access and Lauren will notify public safety.
  3. Turn in a copy of your completed LMS modules to Lauren Cline for 2012 and this will suffice for the required education.
  4. Please note any UWMC or HMC staff RN will need to attend the Graduate student class if they have not done so previously. Staff members may submit their employee annual education as proof of required education

Note: Go to the UWMC intranet with your current employee ORCA access and go to these links to access the data confidentiality agreement, etc.:

  • UWMC: Division and Departments
  • Nursing Staff Development
  • Nursing Student Education
  • Graduate Students

Dress Code


Jewelry worn by employees must be of reasonable shape and size, appropriate to the work setting, and may not interfere with patient care, job performance, or safety. Earrings and small nose studs are the only acceptable forms of visible pierced jewelry. Rings must be small enough to allow for the use of gloves, with no risk of tearing the gloves.

 B.            Mild scented products, including, but not limited to, perfume, cologne, after-shave, or body lotions, may be worn in moderation, but should be discontinued if patients, visitors, or co-workers express a concern. In clinical settings, the use of any scented products is strongly discouraged, since they may cause respiratory problems for people in the treatment area or may interfere with equipment. Scented products may be restricted altogether in certain areas, such as operating rooms.

 C.            TATTOOS

Individuals may be asked to cover tattoos at management’s discretion.