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Graduate Clinical Requirements: Swedish Health Services


3 weeks prior to your clinical rotation.

ALL Students (NP & Non-NP):

  1. Complete Hazards Management training through one of the web sites below:
  2. Any student attending Swedish for a clinical rotation must have a flu shot, or sign a declination form and wear a mask during flu season. Flu season beginning and end dates will be determined jointly by the hospitals, Washington State Hospital Association, and Public Health. Swedish will provide the vaccine for free to students; students may go to a flu vaccine clinic, go to the Employee Health Department, or be vaccinated on the patient care unit. Vaccine clinics will also be provided (see the Influenza Letter below for more information on available clinic dates and hours).
  3. Any Student Attending Swedish for a clinical rotation must have the Clinical Passport & a signed consent to Release. Ky Pham in Academic Services will complete the clinical passport and send it to Swedish. You will need to send Ky Pham  your signed consent to release and a copy of your immunization history available at Please contact Ky Pham if you have any questions regarding the clinical passport.


  1. Non-NP Students ONLY:
  2. Contact:
    Kathryn Ogden
    Phone: (206) 320-3108
    Let Kathryn know when you will be on-site so any remaining paperwork can be completed.
  3. Complete InfoPort online training.
      ID: AHstUDEnt
  4. HIPAA Training: Complete one module: HIPAA Security and HIPAA Privacy.

NP Students ONLY:

  1. Go to the Swedish Graduate Medical Education site to apply: 

Please make sure that all visiting students apply for their rotations at least 3 weeks prior to their start date, or Swedish will not be able to guarantee them computer access when they start

  1. Once you have completed the first online portion, Bobby Buglione (contact information below) will send you the second part of the online orientation.
  2. For questions, contact:

Bobby  Buglione

Med Ed and Web Content Coordinator

Phone: 206-386-2265



Important Notes

    • You MUST have comprehensive health and accident insurance to attend this site, providing coverage for the duration of your clinical rotation. If you do not, it is your responsibility to e-mail your Clinical Placement Coordinator and inform them that you need to change your clinical site. Swedish specific requirements include personal healthcare insurance, influenza vaccination, bloodborne pathogen and hazardous materials education for each student and clinical instructor. Documentation of these documents will need to be with you at all times.
    • Please review the Placement Protocol that the School of Nursing must follow when placing students at Swedish Medical Center.