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Graduate Clinical Requirements: Providence Regional Medical Center

Deadline/Where to Return Paperwork

Please email all completed forms to PRMCE Medical Staff Office at least two weeks prior to start date.

Site Requirements

  1. Complete the online Providence Prep Portal (plan for more than 2 hours of online training):
  2. Go to the website below and complete the Pre-Arrival Orientation Checklist and Required Paperwork

Portal Please follow the link on the left for Medical ARNP or PA.

Please also email to us your contact information for the student (email, cell phone number).

 For out-patient rotations:

Send forms to PRMCE Medical Staff Office at

 For inpatient rotations:

Send forms to NWSA Hospitalist Support at

 Additional Information 

in addition to mailing in a copy of your completed documentation please supply a hardcopy to the clinic during your initial clinic orientation.

Providence recommends that you plan to get your badge on the day of your tour.  Be sure all badges are returned to the badge office at the end of the quarter.

 A detailed dress code is located in the Prov Prep Portal.  No jeans or open-toed shoes.

Please send a .jpg headshot to the PRMCE Medical Staff Office for your badge. Make sure the headshot has a solid background color.

Call the Medical Staff Office at (425) 261-3929, or fax (425) 261-3095 for help with student computer access/training set up.