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Becoming a Clinical Faculty Member in Family and Child Nursing (FCN)

You may request an appointment to the clinical faculty in FCN or, more commonly, be nominated by a current FCN faculty member. The letter of request should be addressed to the Chairperson of FCN, Box 357262, Seattle, WA, 98195.

You will be asked to complete and submit a set of required documents, including an updated CV and one letter of recommendation. If a letter of nomination was submitted on your behalf by a member of the FCN faculty, it may be used as the letter of recommendation.

Faculty vote is held annually in April/May. If the vote is positive, the Chairperson of FCN writes a letter of request to the Dean. After review and concurrence by the UW Academic Human Resources Department, you are sent a letter with notification of the appointment. Appointments are effective July 1st and are renewed annually.