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Role of the Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee:

  1. picks up where the faculty advisor left off, advises and mentors the student through the remainder of the doctoral program, working together with the student to discuss and plan choices in course work and dissertation work and to explore specific areas of study that will support individual educational goals;
  2. submits, through the chair, quarterly progress notes to the student's file;
  3. evaluates the proposed program of study using a set of established guidelines;
  4. formally approves the student's program of study for the student file;
  5. conducts oral and written General Examinations;
  6. guides research for the dissertation; and
  7. recommends the dissertation for approval and the student for the doctoral degree.


The Supervisory Committee must meet at least three times: to approve the program of study, to conduct the general examination (GSR must be present), and to conduct the final examination (GSR must be present). Although not required, committees may also meet to approve the dissertation proposal by using the Dissertation Approval Form.