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Evaluation and Program Progression

Admission to the Graduate School allows you to continue graduate study and research at the University of Washington. Continuing in the PhD in Nursing Science program occurs as long as you maintain satisfactory performance and progression toward completion of your degree, as outlined in Graduate School Memorandum No. 16. Completion of the PhD program requires the completion of all required courses and credits, a general examination, dissertation research, and a final examination.

Your progress toward completion of the PhD program is reviewed quarterly by your advisor or supervisory committee chair, and annually by the MS/PhD Coordinating Committee (PHDCC) and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

The PHDCC reviews the status of your program of study as reported by your advisor or chairperson. Student reviews includes grades, status in the program, and progress towards completion of the dissertation if appropriate. You are notified in writing of the outcome of the annual review, which may include recommendations for action by you and/or your supervisory committee. The reviews are conducted in Autumn Quarter each year, and review letters are sent out in Winter Quarter.

Evaluation of Students

Evaluation of the Program