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PCE Frequently Asked Questions: Overview

Why is my specialty or degree program offered through UWPCE?

State funding to the University continues to decrease. Rather than cut specialties or programs due to loss of state funds, the School of Nursing administration and faculty have rallied to keep specialties open by funding them as programs through UWPCE. The School is taking other cost-savings and revenue-generating measures as well. All nursing programs administered by UWPCE are approved by the School and are fee-based, meaning that they receive no funding fromthe state of Washington and function on a self-sustaining basis.

What nursing specialties and programs may be offered through UWPCE as of Summer 2010?

  • FNP specialty of the DNP program
  • Post-Masters DNP (students not seeking a new specialty)
  • Midwifery specialty of the MN, GCPAPN, and DNP programs
  • NNP specialty of the MN, GCPAPN, and DNP programs
  • PNS specialty of the MN, GCPAPN, and DNP programs
  • Graduate Entry Program in Nursing
  • Accelerated BSN Program
  • ANP specialty of the MN, GCPAPN and DNP programs

Why do my program fees differ from the standard tuition?

This program receives no funding from the State of Washington. Tuition differences reflect the direct administrative and teaching costs of the program.

What is the collaborative relationship between my academic department, UWPCE, and the Graduate School?

Nursing programs and specialties offered through UWPCE are a partnership between UWPCE and the School of Nursing. Student admissions decisions and academic content are the primary responsibilities of the School, while UWPCE is responsible for registration logistics and some administrative functions of operating the program. The Graduate School oversees all the graduate degree programs for the UW, including those offered through UWPCE. The Graduate School offers admission to graduate students, verifies successful completion of the program requirements, and confers the earned degree.

Does offering a program via a UW Educational Outreach funding structure have an impact on the quality of the program?

Absolutely not. The program continues to be a UW School of Nursing program taught by the same faculty, subject to the same quality controls and standards, and accredited in the same way as every other School of Nursing program. The students' education and experience should be no different than other students', except for the registration process.