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PCE Frequently Asked Questions: Financial Aid

Am I eligible to receive financial aid as a student taking courses through UWPCE?

Yes! Students in programs offered through UWPCE are eligible for the same financial aid as all students. See the main School of Nursing Financial Aid section for more information on how to apply.

What type of funding support is available to me?

All students are eligible to apply for student aid. Limited scholarship and fellowship funding is available from the School of Nursing for any quarter but Summer Quarter. Contact Laura Mason, Manager of Operations & Student Scholarships (, for further information and details.

Can UWPCE offer scholarships to students in need?

No. All financial aid will be processed following the processes described in the main School of Nursing Financial Aid section.

What about tuition exemption?

Tuition exemptions, including state tuition vouchers, Undergraduate/Graduate University Grant programs, and veteran tuition exemptions, may not be used for fee-based programs.

Can my level of financial need be reassessed?

Yes. Complete a Revision Request for Additional Expenses form to demonstrate your new/higher need and thus make you eligible for more aid. To be considered for School of Nursing financial aid, submit a financial aid application. If you have already submitted this form but have completed a Revision Request form, you will be considered for aid at the higher level of need noted.

For UWPCE program students who are TA/RAs, will program fees be waived?

TAs paid on state budgets will have the amount of Tier 1 graduate tuition waived, and must pay the difference between their UWPCE fees and TIER I tuition. Program fees are not waived for students in fee-based/UWPCE programs who have RA or SA appointments, or who have TA appointments on non-state budgets.