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PCE Frequently Asked Questions: Additional Fees

What does my program cost?

Fees are set on an annual basis and reflect the actual cost of the program.* They will thus vary from program to program and from year to year. Program fees are structured on a per-credit basis. See your program's website for current fees. Program fees for upcoming academic year will be posted to the website in Spring Quarter.

*A small portion of your program fees may be used to defray refreshment costs for student events such as orientation, Convocation, etc.

Are there additional fees, and if so, what are they?

Yes. In addition to quarterly fees as above, there are the following additional fees:

  • Student Health Fee: A once-per-program fee is charged in the student's first Autumn Quarter.
  • Services & Activities Fee: This fee supports student activities and programs such as ASUW and GPSS Activities, Student Loan Fund, Hall Health Primary Care Center, student legal services, Ethnic Cultural Center, etc. This fee is approximately $150 per quarter.
  • Technology Fee: This fee supports the improvement of technology used by the UW students. The Student Technology Fee Committee allocates money for technology resources for general student use. Paid Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters, this fee is estimated at $50 per quarter.
  • Registration Fee: A nonrefundable $39 fee is charged each quarter at the time of registration.