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Faculty Academic Advisors: DNP Students

All incoming doctoral students are assigned to a graduate faculty member for individual program advising and mentoring. Within the first month of Autumn Quarter, it is recommended that the student review the suggested advisor activation cues and make an appointment with his/her faculty advisor to begin to develop the student's program of study. Most School of Nursing faculty have 9-month appointments, and may or may not be on campus for advising in Summer Quarter. Faculty who serve in the capacity of advisor may or may not become a part of the student's supervisory committee, either as the chair or as a member.

Role of the Faculty Advisor

  • Serves as the student's academic program advisor until a Chair of the Supervisory Committee has been selected by the student and appointed;
  • Serves as a mentor and engages in discussions with the student that help clarify professional goals, university academic experiences, and curriculum plans;
  • Discusses potential faculty who may be appropriate for the student's supervisory committee;
  • Each quarter, reviews course selections before the student registers for the coming quarter; and
  • Submits a note to the student's file in Academic Services following each advising session, including the date, description of the conference, comments, and signature.