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Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist (ACNS) Curriculum

The Adult CNS programs are planned around a core of nursing and basic science theory and clinical courses that include human responses in health and illness (examining physiologic, pathophysiologic, experiential, and behavioral aspects); nursing and pharmacological therapies in acute and chronic illnesses or conditions; biologic science foundations (general human physiology, or electives such as neuroanatomy, microbiology, and medical genetics); nursing research (including courses in research methods as well as completion of either a thesis or scholarly project); and advanced clinical fieldwork in general or specialized clinical areas as well as in advanced practice role development.

Additional Coursework

Students may take additional electives in an enhanced area of study (such as critical care) or toward completion of a Graduate Certificate Program in Advanced Practice Nursing.

DNP Preparation

Preparation as a Doctor of Nursing Practice student builds on and expands the CNS preparation to incorporate leadership, practice inquiry, and advanced practice at a level that offers a strong foundation for practice, education, and application or dissemination of research.